Chat Moss 19.01.16

Overcast, but an increasing brightness during the course of the morning

Dave has waxed lyrical once again – though I’m not sure it scans everywhere – and well he should, after such a rewarding morning. By my reckoning we covered about 4 miles, but for that effort we saw plenty of birds, both in terms of species and number. The Jack Snipe was a first for me, but I also particularly enjoyed the great views of the Brambling and that large flock of Redwing just before we got back to base. (CG)

Chat Moss-Once More (or else Team Tuesday on’t Moss)

Cafe ‘full’ of Team Tuesday Talk,

I fully expected to abandon the Walk.

Why break up such a happy Throng?

It’s Winter-time there’s no bird song.


Then came that restless moment in time,

When all stirred away from ease and recline.

A move to the door,and swaddling of clothes,

Then all in fresh-air blood rushing to toes,


A bimble about this Fisheries place

Made all see, to this Moss it adds Grace.

Mallard, Coot, Gadwall and a few birds more

Created a list that would grow we were sure.


Then habits of old caused all to quietly line,

Whilst sure-foot the wanderer trod marsh sublime..

Grey Partridge, Meadow Pipit were first to be seen,

Then up shot two Snipe, in flight zigzagging supreme.


Did Team Tuesday then about tail and move along?

Nay, for they knew Marsh Wanderer was now on song,

As Eyes caught up with Snipe Three through to Six,

Up popped a Jack Snipe to more than satisfy Snipe fix.


The sound of applause then the air filled you see,

As splodge wanderer returned with a tally of JS three,

It was then time to move out into Moss beyond,

Thus Team trotted off with conversation so fond.


Cutnook Lane led soon onto Twelve Yards Road,

Where progress was steady, towards Stubble foretold.

Winter Wheat Clad fields aided quick passage East,

For these are oft void of any bird feast.


Today this winter-crop, bane of many a hungry farmland bird,

Yet three profit boosting fields at least did Song Thrush serve.

Then junction with Fiddlers Lane brought relief indeed,

For down this way lay Stubble, a bird rich habitat guaranteed.


Yellowhammer, after a second Perdix-perdix encounter this day

Ensured that here Farmland birdwatching held sway.

Chaffinch aplenty gathered grit on the track,

Giving all hope of more to our eager bird loving pack.


Corn Bunting, noted with all straining so hard to see,

Whilst Winter Thrushes foxed counts, for of these were aplenty,

Whilst bouncing in air, with flight of seeming elasticity,

A large flock of Linnet, so graceful swept by for all to see.


Eyes honed by Team Tuesday’s cohesive melding, as one indeed

Gave shout of ‘Roe Deer Three’, as this field in crossing they did proceed.

Such a day, in company so good, in such a place where OTHERS offer no good,

To me, emphasises the true worth of Humanity and Landscapes deep in our blood.


At this point with reluctance our steps did we retrace,

But this was taken in gentle ease and good grace,

Yet even though lunch was our overarching desire,

We still found time FOR to Brambling admire.

 Dave Steel (19.01.16)


Bird List (BP)

  1. Grey Heron
  2. Mallard
  3. Gadwall
  4. Buzzard
  5. Kestrel
  6. Grey Partridge
  7. Pheasant
  8. Moorhen
  9. Coot
  10. Jack Snipe
  11. Snipe
  12. Black-headed Gull
  13. Feral Pigeon
  14. Stock Dove
  15. Woodpigeon
  16. Meadow Pipit
  17. Wren
  18. Blackbird
  19. Fieldfare
  20. Redwing
  21. Song Thrush
  22. Mistle Thrush
  23. Robin
  24. Long-tailed Tit
  25. Blue Tit
  26. Jay
  27. Magpie
  28. Carrion Crow
  29. Starling
  30. Chaffinch
  31. Brambling
  32. Goldfinch
  33. Linnet
  34. Redpoll
  35. Yellowhammer
  36. Reed Bunting
  37. Corn Bunting




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