Woolston Eyes 02.03.16

Rain it poured down during pre-walk time,

But on stroke of ten, the weather turned fine.

Thus Team Tuesday happily met in the dry,

Ready to view whatever flew by.

Loop of the Mersey soon came into view,

Upon its waters we saw birds that we knew.

Thus ‘Tufties’ and Goldeneye were airily noted,

Then upon basin water Pochard floated.

The climb up to path, which skirts bed number two,

Had a chorus of song, from the usual crew.

Thus Robin, Wing fluttering, Dunnock plus Wren,

Once more ensured our list would easy make ten.

The pathway I admit was a mud-strewn disgrace,

But we paused to note a Dabchick water displace.

Then air filled with notes, as a Song Thrush did sing,

Whilst flitting right past were some flighty Redwing.

Access to bed three, the bridge did provide.

Steady steps then soon led to South Hide

Views over reedbeds, where Teal took flight

And gave such pleasure in gaining this sight.

Then rapid move past carpets of Snowdrops divine,

As onward to Hide Morgan we took a bee-line.

Steps climbed, more views of wildfowl were taken

And happily Shelduck and Shoveler weren’t mistaken.

We then checked the feeding stations on each side,

These brimming with seed the reserve does provide.

Moorhen and Magpie took seed off the ground,

Then up went the cheers as Brambling was found.

Our viewing was backed with a symphonic sound,

For the air filled with BHG’s on their breeding ground,

More Schoenberg than Shubert, I really must say,

Informing their audience that spring’s on its way.

A decision was made to roam about three,

Thus all gathered together and soon followed me.

Winter seed-crop added Redpoll to list of day,

After which, ‘off piste’, we happily wandered away.

Once views of bed four were taken by all.

We returned to path with homebound footfall,

A Willow Tit sang its song ‘sue-sue-sue’

With this Woolston farewell bid to the TT crew.


A Prince no one would kiss!

Bird List (MH)

1. Mute swan
2. Canada goose
3. Shelduck
4. Mallard
5. Gadwall
6. Shoveler
7. Teal
8. Pochard
9. Tufted duck
10. Goldeneye
11. Great crested grebe
12. Little grebe
13. Cormorant
14. Common buzzard
15. Moorhen
16. Coot
17. Common snipe
18. Black-headed gull
19. Lesser black-backed gull
20. Woodpigeon
21. Great spotted woodpecker
22. Dunnock
23. Robin
24. Blackbird
25. Song thrush
26. Redwing
27. Long-tailed tit
28. Blue tit
29. Great tit
30. Jay
31. Magpie
32. Carrion crow
33. House sparrow
34. Brambling*
35. Chaffinch
36. Greenfinch
37. Bullfinch
38. Redpoll
39. Reed bunting


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