Pennington Flash 11.10.16

Cold, overcast and very still
Eleven members of the Team met up by the side of the lake with a few hats, scarves and gloves showing, to indicate a drop in the temperature for birdwatching Tuesdays. Usual suspects were soon catalogued, including Canada geese, black headed gulls, tufties, mallard and mute swans, all before moving on to the feeders by the information centre. Mistle thrush, nuthatch, magpie and great tit were quickly added before walking on to Pengy’s Hide. Here, gadwall and moorhen were soon spotted and among the distraction of falling Autumn leaves robin and dunnock were noted. At Bunting Hide the feeders provided plenty of food for the squirrels, mallard, chaffinch, willow tit, bullfinch, coal tit and moorhen, among others.
Wandering anti-clockwise, the Teal Hide lived up to its name together with sightings of wigeon, little grebe, shoveler and a grey heron and a gentle stroll along a wooded path gave frustrating views of a warbler which we were unable to identify.
A slight detour to the canal found one member of Team Tuesday within sight of a flash of blue, sadly not seen by anyone else and as the wind made itself known on this stretch we felt disinclined to linger.
Sightings over the flash added pochard, great crested grebe and a lesser black-backed gull and at Ramsdale Hide the sun beamed down on two snipe who were happily feeding in the shallows. The Tom Edmondson Hide added splashing mallards and onto Horrocks Hide which delivered delightful views of a wren and another snipe. A skein of pink-footed geese high in the sky caught our attention for five minutes as it drew nearer and nearer to the flash, would they land, they thought about it, but remained on a track heading elsewhere as indeed were Team Tuesday after a satisfying morning’s wander. (HP)

Bird List (RD)

1. Nuthatch
2.  Herring Gull
3.  Black-headed Gull
4.  Lesser Black-backed Gull
5.  Canadian Goose
6.  Moorhen
7.  Mallard
8.  Great-crested Grebe
9.  Coot
10.Tufted Duck
11. Grey Heron
12. Mute Swan
13. Woodpidgeon
14. Pied Wagtail
15. Magpie
16. Carrion Crow
17. Mistle Thrush
18. Blackbird
19. Robin
20. Great Tit
21. Dunnock
22. Blue Tit
23. Gadwall
24. Willow Tit
25. Coal Tit
26. Chaffinch
27. Bullfinch
28. Widgeon
29. Shoveler
30. Teal
31. Little Grebe
32. Cormorant
33. Pochard
34. Jay
35. Lapwing
36. Snipe
37. Wren

Photos JH


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