Trans-Pennine Trail 17.01.17

Weather warmish, with a touch of dampness around.

The sound of birdsong and the voices of Team Tuesday greeted this latecomer as she arrived after a brief unintended excursion to Bucklow Hill and while TT were much in evidence the birds sadly weren’t. Woodpigeon, robin, blackbird topped the list for the first few hundred yards until a lone male pheasant ran across a field. Numbers were soon up with a flock of starlings, rising and landing on a nearby feeding ground, quickly followed by a group of black-headed gulls who were more settled. Song thrushes showed themselves on a hedge and across water filled channels the treetops were full of redwing, while up close a lone yellowhammer showed off its colour.

Single flypasts by first a mute swan and secondly a sparrowhawk were added to the tally as the farm and the tree with a significant hole in the trunk, were reached. Sadly no showings there, but shortly afterwards six or so goldcrests delighted the eye followed by a flock of lapwing and telescopic views of a kestrel who was keeping watch over the canal. The group decided the canal towpath could be too muddy so after a few more steps along the old railway line in search of partridge, TT turned around and started back the mile or so along the path once trod.

A skein of pink-feet soon filled the air with their distinctive sound, song thrush and then 8 or 9 yellowhammers put on a show in nearby trees. The kestrel was still in view and final sightings gave us 40+ linnets in the treetops before the car park was reached. It was generally agreed to have been a very satisfying morning’s birding before the Team Tuesday flock went on its separate journeys, some alighting at a nearby pub. (HP)

Bird List (BP)

  1. Pink-footed Goose
  2. Sparrowhawk
  3. Kestrel
  4. Pheasant
  5. Lapwing
  6. Black-headed Gull
  7. Woodpigeon
  8. Collared Dove
  9. Blackbird
  10. Fieldfare
  11. Redwing
  12. Song Thrush
  13. Wren
  14. Robin
  15. Goldcrest
  16. Long-tailed Tit
  17. Coal Tit
  18. Blue Tit
  19. Great Tit
  20. Jay
  21. Magpie
  22. Jackdaw
  23. Carrion Crow
  24. Starling
  25. Chaffinch
  26. Linnet
  27. Yellowhammer

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