Transpennine Trail, Dunham 3.10.2018

Overcast and breezy

On a gloomy morning which had promised rain a select band of TT Birders congregated at the Henshall Lane car park for a foray eastwards along the Transpennine Trail, a route which had in the past yielded some productive autumn mornings.  However early signs were not as promising as we picked up a single crow and then, very slowly, sightings of black-headed gull, robin, great tit, magpie, dunnock, goldfinch and blackbird. Distant sightings of a jay by some proved equally frustrating. Finally a flock of starling were observed feeding on berries in a row of trees across the fields to the north; it was concluded that many had the brownish appearance of young starlings possibly interspersed by thrushes.

Then at last our interest was alerted by significant numbers of jackdaw and crow rising in agitation from distant trees to the south clearly disturbed by a threat of some sort.  This proved to be a young buzzard which was seen perched on top of a nearer hedgerow with, surprisingly, a single crow sitting nearby clearly keeping its eye on this source of potential danger.  The young buzzard rested there for a long period either disconcerted by the attention of the corvids or feeling replete after an early lunch.

And this was followed in the next field by an acrobatic chase of a kestrel by a group of 5 crow, all performing a series of pirouettes and loop-de-loops before the former shook off his pursuers by disappearing into nearby woodland.

The morning ended with a good spot of 3 grey partridge in the next field along before the group decided that perhaps an earlier pre-planned pub lunch was to be preferred to a rather unproductive morning. (SC)

Bird List (MH)

  1. Grey partridge
  2. Common buzzard
  3. Kestrel
  4. Black-headed gull
  5. Woodpigeon
  6. Dunnock
  7. Robin
  8. Blackbird
  9. Blue tit
  10. Great tit
  11. Starling
  12. Jay
  13. Magpie
  14. Carrion crow
  15. Goldfinch
  16. Collared dove



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